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Office Space Planning – Office Lay-out Ideas

It can be challenging to plan an office lay-out. Sometime a great number of desks have to be fitted in and all this requires planning and foresight. It’s not just about fitting the furniture, one should consider what type of work the office workers will have to perform so as to shape the office space to suit the purpose. Work that may require concentration such as IT programming or creative jobs are well performed with a desk position along a white wall. A white wall is a blank canvas that helps liberating your mind for imaginative thinking.

For dynamic team-work, pro-active and reactive tasks, cluster desks lay-outs are fantastic. Everyone facing one another creates a synergy and unity of the team that encourages communication between the workers. I once worked of a Chinese owned company and I remember how the office space planning was excellent, most workers had a clear view of the open space work-place and managers had their own private office behind glass partitions to keep an eye on staff. The customer service team of 4 were all facing one another in a cluster of workstation desks and working very hard indeed, most of the time with a jovial attitude. There is no doubt that the lay-out of an office can influence employees and company performance or spice up your home office so if you’re in charge of designing the new office lay-out, think carefully!

I am now working from home part time and now its time that I need to look at the layout of my own home office furniture so that I can also have a clear view..

Office Space Planning